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On this page you will find our links to babes, real atractive solo women in softcore photoshoots and softcore sex videos, with links to babes on free solo girl websites and galleries. Here you will find all types of softcore pornography featuring babes. If you want another type of free porn use the menu to the left. However if babes turn you on, please enjoy the softcore pornography on this page.

There are a lot of solo women sites on the Internet, ranging from "girl next door" sites ("reader's wives" type porn) to professional pornstars. And ranging in age from eighteen right up to very mature women. However, where these used to be very softcore, Fiona Cooper style porn, they now tend to be more hardcore.

Softcore babes porn is getting rare, too many people want a quick fix of hardcore, and too few want real "girl next door" type pornography. In other words "wam bam thank you mam" instead of a "virtual girlfriend". This is a shame. But I found, while redoing this page, that most companies dealing with this sort of thing had gone out of business. I have three categrised lists, prepared by other webmasters, of sponsors I do not already deal with. Looking through these for advertisers for this page, I found one in four to one in five still in business, the rest - gone bust. That is 75% to 80% out of business since the lists were last updated. Sad.

So if you want genuine babes in "girls next door", "readers wives" style softcore pornography, grab it now. It is fast dissapearing from the Internet. This could be your last chance for a "virtual girlfriend". The links are on the right. You know what to do!

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