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ClitPass - Password Holder's Submit

Here is the form read the rules before filling it in. Make sure your post sticks to the rules. I will ban and blacklist people who break the rules. If you do not know what the rules are, then click here.

This form only works with new passwords that I have set up since taking over. If you have an old password (I.E. if you did not get your password in 2016 or 2017) then click here to get a new one. However note that this only works if you have an old submit account. If you do not have any account whatsoever, come back in about a week, and I'll have a way for new people to submit (I'm putting this site back together one page at a time).

If you look at the form and think you do not have enough information to fill it in, then you did not read the rules, do so NOW, I didn't just write them for the fun of it, you know! Be aware that just opening and closing the page won't make the information appear, you actually have to read the rules carefully, I am not stupid, and neither is the script that drives this page!

Video And Story Posts
I have relaxed the rules on videos and stories a bit. I am also now allowing single story posts and single video posts. If you are sticking to the old rules then you can ignore this message, but if you want to post shorter videos/stories or want less on a gallery/free site, then read rules 6, 8, 9, 25, and 26. Six, eight and nine have been re-written, twenty five and twenty six are new rules (applying to single video/story posts).

What is the magic animal?
(You need to have read the rules to know this.)
If you have no idea what the magic animal is, you have not read the rules.
(So Click Here and read the damn things!).

I am currently persona non grata at Greenguy's Board, so if you have dropped me a message there and I have not replied, it is because I have not seen your message (and cannot). If you want to contact me for any reason I now have a contact form set up on this site. You can access it if you Click Here.

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