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This Is For People With An Old Submit Pass

As you may know, I took over this site last year, however things did not go smoothly. One problem is that PC's database encodes all passwords (for obvious reasons) and I do not have the scripts to unencode them. So if you already have a submission account I'm afraid you will have to choose a new password. There is a form below to do this, however please note:
  1. This is only for people who have already signed up for a gallery/free site submission account under PC (before 2016). If you are a new here and do not have a pass click here, if you have a pass and signed up in 2016 or later click here.

  2. If you have galleries or free sites listed and have removed my link back, don't bother using this form until you have put the links back on your galleries/sites. I am not going to accept any submits from people who killed their link back and did not replace it. (You can use your own design of recip, but if you need inspiration Click Here to find a few, I created.)

  3. There are two fields for email address. The first is for the email address I will still have on file for you (the one you signed up with), the second is optional, it is in case you no longer have access to that email address and want me to use a new one.

  4. This script does not automatically sort out your account, it just sends me the details, and I sort it out manually. So don't expect an instant reply, it may take a day or two.

  5. My reply will come from a Hotmail or Yahoo address, it is your responsibility to be sure your email program does not eat it!

  6. Read point two again, if you don't want to go on my blacklist!

I am currently persona non grata at Greenguy's Board, so if you have dropped me a message there and I have not replied, it is because I have not seen your message (and cannot). If you want to contact me for any reason I now have a contact form set up on this site. You can access it if you Click Here.

However in the meantime, try these two affiliate programs, they will make lots of money for you, honest:

Click Here to sell my science fiction novel on your site, and make oodles of good money!

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Renew Submit Account
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OPTIONAL Your Current Email Address (If Different):
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