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ClitPass - Webmasters' Page

If you have a password to submit, do not use this form, instead Click Here and use that form. This form is for people who do not have a password but want to submit a gallery or free site to ClitPass. It is NOT intended as a long term solution, it is intended as a way for you to send me a few sample galleries so that you can apply for a password (details of how to apply are further down). Before you attempt to post a gallery or free site read the rules and make sure your post sticks to the rules. I will ban and blacklist people who break the rules. If you do not know what the rules are, then click here.

Some of you may look at this and think "Why do I need to apply for a password to submit when I can just keep using the form on this page?" Well you can but there are a few reasons you may prefer to sign up for a password:

  1. If I get too many posts in any genre, I'll stop accepting posts in that genre from this form, but webmasters with a password will still be able to post in that genre.

  2. If I get more posts than I need I will close this form down and only accept posts from people with a password.

  3. If I get a hell of a lot more posts than I need I may also stop allowing new people to apply for passwords, so you will be totally locked out.

  4. At the moment passwords are free, but if you don't apply soon, I may get greedy and start charging for them.

  5. (This is a biggy.) When I list new galleries and free sites, posts from password holders go on top and below that go posts sent using this form. So if you don't have a password, your galleries and free sites go right on the bottom. Surfers tend to start at the top and work down until they get bored. The lower you are, the fewer the number of people who will see your post. Also, by the time they get to your gallery or free site, many of those surfers who are going to spend money will have already spent it on someone else's post. In other words, people using this form to post will make less money from their posts that those with passwords.

  6. If I am in a hurry or short of time, I'll only list those galleries and free sites posted by people with passwords, those posted here will have to wait until I have more time. So if you use this form, you may have to wait longer to see your gallery or free site appear on the site.

So post here for now, but apply for a password as soon as you can.

Now that I have (hopefully) convinced you that you want a password I'd better tell you how to get one. Well the good news is that it is free, but there are a few things you have to do to get one:
  1. Firstly choose yourself a user name, and decide on one email address to use when posting to me. It must be a genuine email address, you will need to send and receive from it to get a password.

  2. You then need to post a minimum of five galleries or free sites over a minimum of three days using that username and email address. Please note that they do not have to be on consecutive days, and it can be over more than three days if you like, for example you could post one gallery a week for five weeks if you want. But I need to see five posts spread over at least three days.

  3. On the fifth (or later) post, use the comments section to request an account. Please note that this does not set off an alarm at my end, I have to "notice" the comment in the post when checking it, and I am notoriously unobservant. You may have to post several times before I reply..

  4. I will then send you and email at the email address you used when posting your free sites and/or galleries. You will have to reply to that email, so it must be a working address.

  5. Please note that I will email you from a Hotmail or Yahoo address (or similar free disposable email host), it is your responsibility to ensure you can receive it.

Well that is it. Get posting, and very soon you will reach that fifth post and be able to apply for that all important password and be able to get a posting account.

If you look at the form and think you do not have enough information to fill it in, then you did not read the rules, do so NOW, I didn't just write them for the fun of it, you know! Be aware that just opening and closing the page won't make the information appear, you actually have to read the rules carefully, I am not stupid, and neither is the script that drives this page!

Video And Story Posts
I have relaxed the rules on videos and stories a bit. I am also now allowing single story posts and single video posts. If you are sticking to the old rules then you can ignore this message, but if you want to post shorter videos/stories or want less on a gallery/free site, then read rules 6, 8, 9, 25, and 26. Six, eight and nine have been re-written, twenty five and twenty six are new rules (applying to single video/story posts).

What is the magic animal?
(You need to have read the rules to know this.)
If you have no idea what the magic animal is, you have not read the rules.
(So Click Here and read the damn things!).

I am currently persona non grata at Greenguy's Board, so if you have dropped me a message there and I have not replied, it is because I have not seen your message (and cannot). If you want to contact me for any reason I now have a contact form set up on this site. You can access it if you Click Here.

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