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ClitPass - Webmasters' Page

The good news is that the submission page is now open (WooHoo), I have two submit pages, one for people with a password (Click Here) and one for people without a password (Click Here). With password is better, see the without password page to find out why, and also how to get a password for free.

(For those of you who don't already know: I took over this site with a view to keeping it running without much change. However, long story short, I ended up with a load of corrupt files, and I am trying to rebuild the site. This got further screwed up when I ended up in hospital for several months, then when I got out, found I had been robbed and my home wrecked. Tidying up took priority, so did more profitable things because after several months of being unable to work I was broke. In the few months since I got out of hospital I have been dragged back in twice, have to give up three days a week to dialysis, and have three to five other hospital/doctor visits a week, so too little time is available to rebuild this site. But it is happening slowly, a lot slower than I like, and even after all the problems we are still getting several thousand page views across the site every day from about a thousand uniques a day.)

If you already have a gallery or site listed here it will remain listed. I will also keep the old link exchanges (provided your link is still there). If you have an old submit account please note that PC's database encodes all passwords (for obvious reasons) and I do not have the scripts to unencode them. So I am going to have to ask old submitters to re-sign up. If you already had a submission account before 2016, Click Here to get a new password.

So to submit: First Click Here and read the rules. Then, if you have a password Click Here or, if you do not have a password Click Here and fill out the login form. Do note that you will not be able to fill in the log in form unless you have read the rules (seriously, read the rules or my script won't let you log in).

I am currently persona non grata at Greenguy's Board, so if you have dropped me a message there and I have not replied, it is because I have not seen your message (and cannot). If you want to contact me for any reason I now have a contact form set up on this site. You can access it if you Click Here.

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